Who Qualifies for A New Boiler Grant?

A must have for the modern home

A new boiler grant for an efficient boiler to supply heating and hot water is a must have in the modern home. Anyone who has experienced a boiler breakdown, especially in winter, knows how inconvenient and uncomfortable it is to have to wash in cold water, use energy to boil a kettle or go to bed early because it is the only way you can keep warm.

Many people live in fear of their boiler becoming irreparable and good money is spent on repairs to try and keep their old boiler operational.

The drive for energy efficiency

A primary focus of successive governments and campaigners is the need for us to become more energy efficient and to dramatically cut our carbon emissions. Coupled with that is the need to protect the vulnerable. This is why grants are being made available for homeowners under the Energy Company Obligation (3) (ECO) scheme to carry out a range of projects, including replacing boilers, to make their homes more energy efficient.

Can I get a new boiler grant?

New A-rated boiler grants are also offered as part of the ECO scheme, helping households with the opportunity for inefficient boilers to be replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised. 

Providing your boiler is more than five-years-old or deemed as faulty and a homeowner, you should be eligible for a new A-rated boiler, installed by Registered GAS SAFE and Governments Trustmark installer and will come with a guarantee.

For older and more in-efficient properties, grant funding is more likely to cover full costs. If you have a very efficient property, You may need to contribute a small amount to cover the cost of the boiler install this will advised to you before any works are carried out. Carbon emissions saved from your cavity wall insulation will help towards your boiler replacement.

Will I have to repay my boiler grant?

The clue is in the name. What you receive is a grant, not a loan and you are not expected to make repayments. Most of our boiler replacements are free of charge or heavily subsidised but if a contribute is required to cover the cost of the boiler replacement this will advised to you before any works are carried out.

What kind of a boiler will I get and who will fit it?

You will be supplied with an A rated boiler. These are the most efficient on the market. When a boiler is more than 7 years old it is about 35% less efficient than a new boiler. In monetary terms, that means that 35 p out of every £1 is wasted. A new boiler, on the other hand, is 90% efficient and only 10 p in the £1 is lost. A new boiler can save you as much as £300 per year on your energy bills. Your boiler will be installed by a registered GAS SAFE and Governments Trustmark installer and will come with a guarantee.

New boilers are expensive, why is the Government prepared to meet my new boiler cost?

In order to provide the new boiler grant, the Government receives funding from the energy companies. The energy companies provide the funding because the Government has set targets relating to home energy efficiency which they have to meet. In order to meet those targets, it is in the energy companies best interests to help homeowners make their homes as energy efficient as possible.

How do I apply to the scheme?

You will find a application form on our website, We will review your application and a representative will be in touch as soon as possible to help see if you qualify for the available grants.