Have you heard about the ECO affordable warmth scheme?  If not, the information contained within this article will come in quite handy…

The ECO affordable warmth scheme is a plan that was first introduced by the UK government in 2013. The main intention of the ECO affordable warmth scheme is to provide viable energy efficient solutions.  To those who might be governed by a limited income, this makes a great deal of sense!  Homes associated with low levels of efficiency are forced to spend more on heating over colder months.

Let’s now take a closer look at the ECO affordable warmth scheme.

What Is the ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme?

As mentioned previously, the intention of this programme is to provide options to those who may be subject to limited funds. Here are two situations which might enable you to qualify for the ECO affordable warmth scheme:

  • You claim benefits including standard child allowance of £20pw.
  • Live in a private home or rent from a landlord.

Assuming that you meet one or more of these conditions, there are several options which the warmth scheme may be able to provide. Perhaps you need to upgrade a boiler to a more energy-efficient model. From increasing the amount of insulation found within your home to finding any drafts and improving ventilation, there is no doubt that the ECO scheme will supply a host of benefits.

The Initial Assessment of the ECO Scheme

Installers UK will begin with an assessment of your property (assuming that you have met the qualification criteria mentioned above). This assessment is free and will normally require no more than an hour to complete. The professional will then provide you with any recommendations that may help to improve the heating efficiency of your home.

Examples of Some Improvements Offered by the Scheme

While some have labelled this programme the “eco boiler scheme”, the fact of the matter is that many other improvements can be made if you qualify. Some specific examples include:

We can clearly see why the government has been keen to help with the eco funding. It will come as no surprise that the team at Installers UK offers bespoke heating and boiler services to anyone who qualifies.