One of our qualified and highly trained surveyors will assess your property to determine suitability for insulation  and will see if qualify you for funding using ECO’s criteria or the council flex scheme. Our surveyor will brief you on preparation for install depending on insulation measure being fitted (i.e. clearing personal belongings in loft or around the exterior walls for cavity wall). 

After your survey we check for approval from either ECO Funding or the Local authorities LA Flex application.

Upon receiving approval of funding for cavity wall, our install will be pre-approved by CIGA (Cavity Wall Insulation Agency) Surveillance Scheme.

We are approved installers with both Green deal scheme and CIGA furthermore working with many local authorities and managing agents as trusted installers always ensuring high quality workmanship. See our about us page for accreditation certificates and credentials.

Prior to commencing install we require a person from the household to be on site at the start and end of the install for safety checks to be carried out. Depending on your property’s individual requirements we may require a household member for the whole process. 

After install you will sign documents stating completion of work and quality assurance.

All of our installs are heavily monitored during and after install, clear photos will be taken of the insulation process, which will always be checked in office after install.

You will receive a CIGA (Cavity Wall Insulation Agency) guarantee which is valid for 25 years for cavity walls.