How To Get Free Loft Insulation For Pensioners

Expensive energy bills can be a big concern, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If you’re retired, you may find yourself counting every penny to make your pension go further. Rising energy costs can make it more difficult to stick to a careful budget. If you find your home loses heat quickly, poor insulation is often the culprit. But did you know that a Government scheme exists to provide free loft insulation for pensioners?

The Energy Company Obligation, or ECO, scheme is designed to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by providing home insulation grants. Through the scheme, you could be eligible for free loft insulation, funded by your energy supplier and fitted free of charge by Installers UK. The ECO scheme aims to help homeowners modernise their properties without being out of pocket. So if your home is cold and draughty but you can’t afford new insulation, a home insulation grant may be available.

If you receive Pension Guarantee Credit or other Government benefits, you could qualify for a grant for free loft insulation. The ECO scheme covers the cost of loft insulation for pensioners and other homeowners who receive one or more of the qualifying benefits, which you’ll find listed at the bottom of our ECO Funding page.

Loft Insulation - Free loft insulation for pensioners

Home insulation grants to help retired people

Since you retired, you’ve probably found yourself spending more time at home. More time at home means you probably use your heating more often, especially in the winter. But poor insulation could mean that any heat is quickly lost, leaving your house cold. In turn, you probably turn your heating up or leave it on for longer to try and tackle the chill. And this means your monthly bills could become more and more expensive.

A loft insulation grant will allow you to replace your insulation without spending a thing. You’ll soon notice the difference once your free loft insulation has been installed. Instead of escaping through the roof, heat will remain in your house, keeping every room warm and cosy. You may also find that you don’t have to have your heating on for as long, helping you save money.

Find out if you qualify for free loft insulation

To see if you qualify for a home insulation grant, enter your details into our online eligibility checker. Next, we’ll arrange to visit you at home to carry out a free survey of your property to assess whether you are eligible for free loft insulation.

If you are eligible for ECO funding, we will support you through the grant application process.  And once your home insulation grant has been approved, our expert team can install your new loft insulation at a time to suit you.

We have helped customers across the UK receive free loft insulation for pensioners through the ECO scheme. A home insulation grant could help cut your energy costs and make your home more efficient. Could your household be the one we help next?