We are fortunate to have a bespoke system that enables us to quickly identify poorly insulated properties within your region that require insulation works.  Our knowledgeable office team are able to analyse each property via EPC and recommend energy performance improvements to help meet MEES reports.

We have direct access to grants through ECO Funding & Council’s “LA FLEX” scheme.  We utilise the grants to help with energy improvements that saves money whilst improving the energy rating of the property.

Our team has helped more than 18,000 homeowners to receive energy efficiency measures on their properties reducing carbon usage in homes by thousands of tonnes.   This keeps tenants happy by reducing their energy bills.

If you would like any more information, please ask for Nick King or Chloe Fairfull on 01449 777177.

Understanding MEES requirements

  • Introduced in March 2015.
  • Originated from Energy Act 2011.
  • The new law introduced a minimum standard of ‘E’, any below will not be allowed for rental.
  • All properties are given a energy rating from A-G (F and G being least efficient).
  • From April 2018, all properties must comply with MEES Regulations.
  • The government has introduced penalties for non-compliant rental properties.
  • MEES was introduced to decrease Greenhouse Gas.  This is so the UK can meets its carbon saving targets by 2020 and 2050.
  • The benefits for a Landlord for improving properties will increase rental and asset value.